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Large Villa, Sea View
5 Bedrooms 10 Guests Like
Indoor Heated Pool, Sauna, Turkish Bath, Jacuzzi
5 Bedrooms 10 Guests Like
Jacuzzi, Sauna, Indoor Pool, Sea Views
3 Bedrooms 6 Guests Like
Modern Design, Ideal for Families, Private Pool
3 Bedrooms 6 Guests Like
Close to the Beach, Central Location, Modern Design, Ideal for Families
4 Bedrooms 8 Guests Like
Hamam, Sauna, Sea View, Suitable for Large Families, Modern Design, Private Pool & Garden
5 Bedrooms 10 Guests Like
Indoor Pool, Sauna, Hamam
4 Bedrooms 8 Guests Like
Jacuzzi, Sauna, Indoor Pool, Sea Views
4 Bedrooms 8 Guests Like
Jacuzzi, Sauna, Cinema Room, Turkish Bath
3 Bedrooms 6 Guests Like
Luxury Villa, Panoramic Sea View
5 Bedrooms 10 Guests Like
Luxury Villa, Indoor Pool, Turkish Bath, Sauna
2 Bedrooms 4 Guests Like
Indoor Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Hamam
4 Bedrooms 8 Guests Like
Luxury Spa Villa
3 Bedrooms 6 Guests Like
Luxury Villa, Panoramic Sea View
4 Bedrooms 8 Guests Like
Secluded Honeymoon Villa, Sea View
2 Bedrooms 4 Guests Like
Total 238 villas 1 from 15 showing.
Total 238 villas 1 from 15 showing.


Villas in Antalya

Antalya is a famous destination that attracts visitors with its natural beauties. With its warm climate and azure sea, it allows vacationers to feel in heaven. 

Villas in Antalya are notable both for being close to the city center and for their large gardens. Offering a modern stay with its private pools and spacious interior, villas for rent in Antalya give guests an unforgettable holiday experience. These Turkey villas are located on the south coast of the country. It offers a great accommodation for families, couples and groups of friends with children.

Antalya Villas with Pool Hotel

Are you looking for a rental villa in Antalya? Luxury villas in this unique beauty city of Turkey are for you. Antalya villas are noted for their special interior design and modern equipment. By choosing these villas, you can experience a comfortable holiday in the Antalya region. Antalya is one of the top places among the villas in Turkey. It allows you to have a comfortable holiday with its location and spacious interiors. Villa in Kalkan Turkey are a great option for holidaymakers looking for luxury villas. It promises its visitors a unique view and an unforgettable holiday. 

Villas with pool in Antalya, you can enjoy sunbathing by the pool. In addition, villas with this pool allow you to relieve the tiredness of the year. Take advantage of the opportunities of rental villas in Antalya, famous for its beauty. Enjoy the fun moments!

Baransel Villas Assurance for Luxury Villa Vacation in Antalya!

Baransel Villas offers a luxurious experience to those who want to meet the beauties of Antalya. With its unique concept, it guarantees comfort and peace. The villas you will rent with Baransel Villas have large interiors and gardens resembling a botanical garden. Baransel Villas make a difference with its assurance among villas in Antalya Turkey. In these villas you can spend a peaceful holiday away from the noise of the city. Take your holiday safely in an atmosphere where nature and sea are combined with Baransel Villas.

Advantages of Antalya for Villa Vacation in Turkey

As a location, Antalya is one of the most beautiful options among luxury villas in Turkey. It is a holiday paradise for those who want to rest in peace in Turkey. Visitors who want to take a villa holiday in Turkey should check out Antalya first! Here we have compiled the advantages you will gain by vacationing for you:

1-Thanks to the natural beauties of Antalya, you can feel yourself in the holiday paradise. In the villas in Kas Turkey, you can enjoy both nature and sea views. While vacationing in Antalya villas, you can also explore the beautiful waterfalls of the city.

2- The historical texture and cultural richness of Antalya will give a new dimension to your holiday. You can visit the Aspendos theater and walk the cultural corridors of history.

3-You can enrich your palate by living the delicious cuisine of Antalya. You can experience cultural diversity by merging with hospitable local people.

4- You can enjoy the sun, sea, nature and history by vacationing in Antalya villas

 Things to Consider During the Villa Rental Process in Antalya, Turkey    

There are some things you should pay attention to before renting a villa in Antalya, Turkey. We share them below for you to have a perfect holiday:

1-Pre-planning: Book early in villas with Antalya pool, which everyone enjoys. Thus, guarantee the holiday opportunity in Antalya villas.

2-Budget: You should choose a budget-friendly villa for your holiday. Villas for rent in Antalya are in a wide range of prices. From these villas you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

3-Place: Should your holiday destination be city-themed, nature-themed or sea-themed? Whichever you want, you can find it in Antalya Turkey villas.

4-Features: Villas with Antalya pool are designed according to different preferences. There are villas with different features such as garden, pool, barbecue, interior width.

5-Reviews: Reviews of holidaymakers who have visited Antalya villas before can be reviewed. So you can get an idea of the quality and standards of villas in Antalya.

6-Reservation: Do your research before completing your rental. Learn details such as cancellation policies, deposit, additional payments.

Reliable Villa Rentals in Antalya Villa Prices

Before renting a villa in Antalya, you need to pay attention to some details about the rental process. We share with you some tips for a reliable villa rental process:

1- Reference: Check out the reviews of guests who have stayed in Antalya villas before. So you can learn about the quality of the villa.

2-Reliable Announcement Sites: Reliable villa rental sites should be preferred in order not to be scammed.

3-Contact: Information can be obtained in contact with site managers or villa owners for villa rental operations.

4-Contracts and Conditions: Contract details should be carefully examined to avoid unexpected situations.

Things to Know About Antalya

Located in the southwest of Turkey, Antalya offers a great visual feast to its visitors. You can both relax and take a tour of discovery by vacationing in this fascinating city.

1-History and Culture: The historical richness and cultural heritage of Antalya are indisputable. Antalya has been touring its visitors through the corridors of the past. This legend, which carries traces from Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman lands, provides a unique experience to the city enthusiasts.

2-Nature and Sea: The waterfall of Duden, the paradise of leaded birds is located in Antalya. In this respect, Antalya, which is home to natural beauties, is integrated with nature.

3-October Cities: Antalya attracts the attention of explorers with its ancient theater, stadium and structures.

4-Touristic Activities: You can do water sports in Antalya. You can have fun in entertainment places and sunbathe on the beaches. With its shopping areas, Antalya offers a variety of activities to its visitors.

Antalya Attractions

Antalya is home to its villas and extensive beaches as well as natural and historical beauties. We have compiled the places to visit in Antalya for you:

1-Kaleici: You can feel yourself in the corridors of history as you stroll through Kaleici, famous for its narrow streets, ancient ruins and historic houses.

2-City of Ancient Perge: Ancient Rome ruins are found in Perge. Perge, who is in the east of Antalya, has witnessed ancient times. You can experience a different experience by exploring structures such as theater, stadium, agora.

3-Duden Waterfall: The Duden waterfall, which is very close to the city center, makes a visual feast.

4-Antalya Museum: You can visit this museum where there are archaeological remains removed from the region.

5-Termessos Ancient City: Termessos is famous for its acropolis, theatre and fortifications. It is located in the north of Antalya.

6-Aspendos Ancient Theatre: This theatre from Rome is now home to concerts and theatres.

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