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Winter Activities

With Kalkan in mind, thoughts of the bustling streets, shining sun and turquoise waters come into view. But, what’s Kalkan really like in the Winter months?

Kalkan’s peak season starts in June, and continues until the end of September when the town is in full swing and most of Kalkan’s beaches are full with locals and holiday makers alike. The Winter season in Kalkan starts towards November time, when property and restaurant owners take the opportunity to refurbish and develop their properties. Although, the town itself may be quieter than normal, some restaurants and local bars will still be up and running for business as usual.

And with day time temperatures still warm (around an average of 18 degrees Celsius) it is no wonder Kalkan, along with its surrounding areas, are still popular all year round.

What Are The Advantages of Taking a Holiday During the Winter Season?

As, with many places associated with Summer holidays, the Winter season in Kalkan is not only more economical but can also be more relaxed. With accommodation prices lower than in the summer, when better time to take the opportunity to explore this beautiful town. Not only this but places that would otherwise be crowded in the high season, are now much more comfortable and enjoyable to explore.

Winter holidays also bring a certain romance and warmth to our hearts, whether a holiday with a loved one or close friends.

What Activities Can be done in the Winter?

The winter season holds a list of activities that can be enjoyed not only with a partner, but also in your own company.

Take walking as a simple example. An activity that can be enjoyed all year, however much more freely in the Winter months when the sun is not so hot. Imagine breathing in the crisp air, surrounded by pine trees and vast nature views. Not only this but walking is proven to strengthen the immune system and helps protect the body against fighting disease.

Specialist routes can also be found in certain areas, ideal for those experienced with trekking and off route walks.

Visits to historical locations and ancient sites may also be of interest. With many attractions close to Kalkan, and its surrounding areas the Winter season allows you to explore these sites without the large crowds that would be found in the Summer time.

  • Antiphellos Antique Theatre, located in Kaş is the only work that has survived from Antiphellos. From the top of the amphitheatre you can watch the sun set over Kaş and Meis Island – a spectacular view all year round.
  • Patara Ancient City, which was the capital of the Ancient Lycian League, here the remains of the parliament building, where union meetings were held, can be found. Patara Ancient City can be entered with a museum card. Patara Sand Dunes, another romantic place to watch the sun setting over the distance, also makes for an ideal place to enjoy evening walks.
  • Xanthos Ancient City: Xanthos, the administrative center of the Lycian League, is located 70 km from Kaş. Although it is a little difficult to reach this city, which has been names as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Xanthos Ancient City in Kas is definitely worth visiting.

A short trip away is Fethiye, home to Ölüdeniz – Turkey’s famous turquoise sea beach. Here you will find an array of activities that you can enjoy throughout the Winter. Unlike, Kalkan, Fethiye town centre tends to be ‘open’ all year – with a small shopping mall and plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from in the centre.

As well as this there are plenty of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed all year;

  • Babadağ: Located in Ölüdeniz, this famous mountain is one that you will definitely recognise. Located at the top of 1700 m high peak is a restaurant, that although closed in the Winter, is still the base for paragliders to meet before taking their journey down. Here you can enjoy wonderful views across Fethiye’s bays, and watch the paragliders take off.
  • Şovalye Island, located just off Fethiye centre, and close by to Çalış Beach, is Şovalye Island. A small island which consist of mainly holiday homes and can only be accessed by water taxi is the perfect place to spend a peaceful afternoon, surrounded by the calming waters and noises of nature.
  • Kayaköy; this ancient city, also known as the ghost town, was abandoned in 1923 after the Turkish-Greco war and then again left in ruins by an earthquake in 1957. This now famous town in Fethiye is popular all year, and offers a range of restaurants that specialise in breakfasts and barbeque style evening meals.  

Where to stay in Kalkan

With a vast array of accommodation to choose from, from boutique hotels to luxury villas why not take the opportunity of holidaying in the Winter to make the most of what’s on offer. Winter holidays are becoming more attractive due to their more affordable prices whilst still having the same on offer.

For travellers looking for a little more comfort, and a ‘home from home’ feel luxury villa rentals are a great opportunity for winter breaks. With a range of villas and extras to choose from, such as villas with fireplaces, villas with indoor pools and/or heated pools when better time to make the most of the winter sun?

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