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For most people while on vacation; their main priority is to be away from large crowds and enjoy a stress-free holiday. In this way many people nowadays prefer to holiday in rental villas, where they can choose from many different options and styles that will suit their needs. As well as this guests who prefer to holiday in a rental villa, not only get to decide their own timings, they can also enjoy the peace and quiet that they may not be able to experience whilst staying in large and crowded hotels.

Due to this, the number of holiday lovers who now rent villas for their vacation is increasing day by day. One of the main reasons for this is that the majority of villas are detached; therefore offering a much more inclusive holiday for guests, especially those who are on their honeymoon or conservative guests who prefer to holiday in privacy. In addition to this even those guests who travel with extended family members, and need a much larger villa, can find rental opportunities with Baransel Villas.

Things to Know About Our Resorts:

The provinces of Antalya and Muğla, which are considered the jewels of Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean Regions, contain many touristic resorts. These regions offer an unforgettable holiday opportunity with both their natural beauties and clear turquoise seas. With a mild climate, these regions offer holiday opportunities all year.

Due to the vast historical background of these regions, they provide many wonderful sightseeing opportunities to be had; with ancient cities and ruins to be discovered, and sporting activities for those wishing for a more adventure fuelled holiday these regions provide great fun and experiences for all members of the family. By renting a villa in one of these popular regions, you will also be given the opportunity to travel between cities as they are so closely located.

With all Baransel Villa holiday villas guests can feel free to sunbathe, relax and plan the day as they prefer – allowing for a much more relaxed vacation.

Villa Rental Options in the Your Desired Holiday Region:

When planning a holiday, it is always useful to consider various points. For example; how many people will stay, how far is the holiday villa from the sea or town centre, how many villas surround our rental villa? By taking these options into account, guests are able to find an appropriate holiday villa with options that meet their criteria.

One of the most popular villa rental options are ‘’Secluded’’ or ‘’Halal Villa’’ options, where guests can holiday in spaces free from prying eyes. These villa types are ideal for newly marries couples, conservative guests or families or even guests who just want more privacy on their holiday. Other guests prefer to holiday in a more central location, close to the town centre for example, or near the beach. As well as this Baransel Villas have options for guests that prefer a more luxurious style holiday, whether close by to amenities or not.

Once you know the type of holiday rental you want to stay in it helps narrow down locations that would be ideal for your stay.

Vacation Destinations:

There are many opportunities and regions that you may want to consider when looking for rental villas – one important factor is the destination in which you want to holiday – will you be considering the sea, the nature and any places of interest you may want to visit.

For some guests who prefer to holiday in rental villas they prefer to spend the majority of their time inside the villa, as time schedules and meal times can be decided by the guest themselves. However, other guests prefer to spend the majority of their time exploring and visiting the local areas, in which case the location of their rental villa will play a huge role on what they will be able to see.

For a full range of villa styles and opportunities Baransel Villas has a range of criteria available.


You can have a comfortable holiday experience with the choice of villas for rent in Antalya. Antalya comes first among the tourism centres that come to mind when it comes to holidays in Turkey. Antalya is among the holiday regions that stand out, due to its sea and natural beauties. While you are on a luxury villa holiday in Antalya, it is also beneficial to discover the unique beauties below.

  1. Kaleiçi; Due to its historical texture and natural beauties, Kaleiçi is one of the places you must visit during your stay in Antalya. While visiting Kaleiçi, which stands out with its history dating back to the Hellenistic period, you can take a pleasant journey into the depths of history.
  2. Aspendos Ancient City; Antalya is a region that is home to many ancient cities. Among the most famous ancient cities of the region; Aspendos Ancient City is located. The ancient city, which has a history of more than 2 thousand years, is a structure that has preserved its historical texture until today.
  3. Düden Waterfall; When Antalya is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is its unique beaches and nightlife. In addition, when you come to Antalya, which attracts attention with its natural beauties, you should definitely visit Düden Waterfall. Düden Waterfall, which is 11 km away from the center, offers a very impressive environment.


Kalkan is a resort town in Antalya's Kaş district. You can evaluate the options of villas for rent in Kalkan, which has extremely modern facilities. You can make your holiday more attractive by visiting the natural and historical areas while visiting the town.

  1. Kalkan Ancient Cities; Kalkan is one of the places where ancient cities are concentrated. During your stay in Kalkan; You should definitely visit Xanthos, Letoon and Patara Ancient City. A pleasant journey to the Lycian period awaits you with a visit to these ancient cities.
  2. Kalkan Caves,; There are many natural formations in Kalkan. From these caves in the bays; You should definitely see the Blue Cave, Güvercinlik Sea Cave and İnbaş Cave.
  3. Kalkan Beaches; You can also evaluate the beaches to swim in during your villa holiday in Kalkan. At the beginning of the beaches where you will enjoy the deep blue sea; Kaputaş, Patara, Fırnaz and Kalkan public beaches attract attention.


You can also evaluate the Kas region within the scope of cheap holiday regions. You can visit the natural and historical areas of the region with the Kas villa rental service. The places to visit in Kaş, which draws attention with its turquoise sea and historical texture, are listed below:

  1. Antiphellos Ancient City; This ancient theater, which belongs to the Lycian period, is among the places that must be visited while you are in Kaş. You can also watch the magnificent view of Kas and Meis Island from the ancient theater.
  2. Batiksehir and Kekova; The magnificent sea and atmosphere of Kekova Island, where you will encounter ancient ruins from the 2nd century, fascinate the visitors.
  3. Patara Beach; Patara Beach, besides its wonderful sea, attracts attention as the area where Caretta Carettas lay their eggs. It is also known that the region is under protection for this reason. Depending on the period you visit here, you may encounter thousands of Caretta Carettas.

Kas Peninsula;

Kas peninsula villa rental preference should also be among your alternatives. Here are the things you need to do while you are here:

  1. Patara Ancient City and Beach; You can visit the Patara Ancient City for a cultural trip. You can also use Patara Beach, which is right next to the ancient city, to swim. The fact that the beach is a Caretta Caretta spawning area will also attract your attention.
  2. Kaleköy is an area famous for its natural beauties and luxury businesses around it. The nature and different atmosphere of the port may interest you.
  3. Hidayet Cove; Hidayet Bay on the Çukurbağ Peninsula may not be suitable for the sea due to its stony nature. However, it is among the places that attract attention with its natural beauty and being the breeding area of ​​Carettas.

Islamlar Village;

The choice of villas for rent in Islamlar Village can be the right choice for a memorable holiday. We can list the things to do during your stay in this village as follows:

  1. Kaputas Beach; Kaputaş Beach, which is 7 km away from Islamlar Village, can be preferred for swimming. You can go down to the beach, known for its clean sea, with a romantic walk through the canyon.
  2. Pirha Ancient City; You can see many artifacts from the Lydian period in this ancient city, which is located a little above the village. Sculptures and rock tombs are among the works that will attract your attention.


Patara is one of the favorite places that we will recommend you among holiday resorts. You can step into a peaceful holiday with Patara villa rental choice. You can make your holiday even more colorful by visiting the following areas during your holiday in Patara:

  1. Patara Sand Dunes; Patara sand dunes, an area you cannot see anywhere else in Turkey, will give you the impression that you are in the desolate deserts of Africa. If you want to see a different area in this respect, you can visit the region.
  2. Letoon Ancient City; If you are a history buff, you can take a mini trip to history by visiting Letoon Ancient City. The historical ruins and artefacts you will see will attract your attention.


With Muğla in mind many famous holiday destinations should come to mind, take Ölüdeniz, Fethiye and Bodrum for just a few. For guests wishing to holiday close to nature and see the true beauty of Turkeys south coast Muğla is the place to holiday.

  1. Dalaman Çayı; Dalaman Stream stands out among the rafting areas of the region. You can make your holiday much more exciting and attractive with extreme sports.
  2. Saklikent Gorge; 30 km away from Muğla city center, is one of the most natural places in the region. You can spend peaceful moments in the enchanting view and cool climate of the canyon.
  3. Turgut Waterfall; located in the Marmaris district of Muğla, this waterfall has a unique view with its water falling from 6 meters. During your visit to the waterfall, you can also join safari tours.


As a result of choosing a villa for rent in Bodrum, you can experience an unforgettable holiday intertwined with nature. We recommend you to visit the following places in Bodrum region.

  1. Bodrum Beaches; Bodrum is one of the unique holiday resorts with 67 blue flag coves. During your villa holiday, you can swim in the undiscovered magnificent bays, join boat tours and experience the pleasure of the sea.
  2. Bargilya; One of the wonderful bays of Bodrum is Bargilya. You can choose to swim in this bay, or you can visit it to watch flamingos. If your holiday period coincides with the autumn period, flamingos will give you unique moments.
  3. Diving Spots; Bodrum is one of the regions where local and foreign tourists flock with its diving sites. You can add excitement to your villa holiday by taking advantage of the diving schools in Bodrum.


Fethiye is one of the most well-known tourist spots in Turkey. With famous beaches and plenty of places to explore you should definitely check out our range of Fethiye villas that we have on offer. Here are a few places of interest you may find along your journey.

  1. Ölüdeniz; literally translating to dead sea due to its calm waves, even on stormy days is a world famous beach due to its crystal clear waters and long stretch of sand.
  2. Rock Tombs; The Amintas Rock Tombs, which have reached the present day from the Lycian period, will give you a pleasant historical tour. Although you have to walk and climb a bit to reach the tombs, rest assured it will be worth it.
  3. Butterfly Valley; One of the unique and natural beauties of Fethiye is the Butterfly Valley. A magnificent view awaits you in this region where you will see thousands of butterfly species.


For guests staying in Ölüdeniz there are things more central that you may also be interested in visiting.

  1. Oludeniz Lagoon and Beach; Oludeniz Lagoon, which is a wooded area, is a place that amazes those who see it with its magnificent beach. The region is also preferred for diving sports.
  2. Kidrak Cove; Kıdrak Bay, which is only 3 km away from Ölüdeniz, is among the preferred bays for swimming and natural beauties.
  3. Babadag; Ölüdeniz comes first among the centers that come to mind when paragliding is mentioned in Turkey. Among the famous places where paragliding is done in the region; Babadag stands out.

Fethiye – Ovacık;

Located slightly further out of Fethiye town centre, and nearer towards Ölüdeniz is Ovacık -  a mainly residential area which attracts many tourists during the summer months due to the high number of villas located in the area. For guests staying in this area you may want to consider visiting one of the following places during your stay:

  1. Kayakoy, also known as the ghost village, is one of the places you should visit during your stay in the region. The village, which was built on the ruins of the Lycian period, will attract your attention.
  2. Gemile Island; While you are in Ovacık, you can also visit Gemile Island, which stands out with its natural beauties. The cleanness of the sea and the airiness of nature will refresh you.
  3. Kidrak Nature Park; Many of the photographs used in the promotion of Turkey were taken in Kıdrak Nature Park. If you want to see a nature park where natural beauties and the sea are intertwined, you should visit this place

Fethiye – Çalış;

Fethiye Calis rental villas are also commonly chosen for villa holidays. Highly popular among tourists in the summer months who like to enjoy the spectacular sunset during the evenings. During your stay in Calis, which has a considerable place among the holiday resorts in Fethiye, you can:

  1. Calis Beach; During your villa holiday, you can choose Calis Beach to swim in the sea. You can be sure that the cleanliness of the sea and the size of the beach will satisfy you.
  2. st. Nicholas Island; Also known as Gemiler Island, St. Nicholas Adas is one of the places that attract attention with its natural beauties and clear sea. If you want to experience wonderful moments in the peaceful atmosphere of nature, you should visit this island.


Marmaris is one of the most beautiful and unique holiday destinations in Turkey. For this reason, there are many holiday lovers who choose Marmaris villas for rent. During your villa holiday in Marmaris, you can visit the following places:

  1. Marmaris Beaches; There are many beaches where you can enjoy the magnificent sea of ​​Marmaris: You can choose Icmeler, Turunc, Cleopatra and Uzunyalı beaches for swimming.
  2. Marmaris Castle and Museum; B.C. In 1991, the Marmaris Museum was built in the area where Marmaris Castle, which is estimated to have been built in 2000, is located. In the museum; Remains collected from Burgazada, Knidos and Hisarönü are exhibited.
  3. Dalyan; Located 86 km from Marmaris, Dalyan is a famous bay with its natural beauties and sea. While you are in the region, you can wander around the thermal springs and experience a mud bath.


You can make your holiday unforgettable with the choice of villa rental in Göcek. Göcek is a popular resort with yacht tours. Besides being a holiday region, Göcek is also close to many holiday resorts and historical sites. You can visit the following places during your Gocek villa holiday:

  1. Göcek Rock Tombs; On the way from Göcek town to İnlice Bay, you will see Göcek Rock Tombs on the left side of the road. These rock tombs, which were almost lost among the trees, have survived to the present day and preserved their historical structure.
  2. Gocek Bazaar; During your stay in Göcek, you can visit Göcek bazaar to buy gifts for your loved ones. You can also taste the delicious dishes of Göcek in the bazaar where there are many distinguished restaurants and cafes.
  3. Gocek Beaches; There are many beaches and coves you can prefer to swim in Göcek. At the beginning of these; Sarsala, Iztuzu, Daily, Katrancı and Sarigerme Beaches attract attention. You can also prefer beaches established by private businesses.
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