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Baransel Villas - Welcome Information Pack


Firstly, thank you for choosing to holiday with us here at Baransel Villas. Our company has been serving the tourism market both nationally and internationally since 2006. In these years, we have nurtured fantastic local connections and built a strong team of locally sourced advisors. Here, at Baransel Villas we have the foundation and the knowledge to provide excellent service and quality holidays to our valued guests- and this is why Baransel Villas is the leader in villa rentals in Turkey.

Baransel Villas offers a unique collection with many exclusive villas in a variety of popular destinations. With hundreds of properties to choose from, you can find whatever you are looking for. Whether it be a tranquil retreat, a private secluded villa, a luxury villa with a sports room or spa, or a villa with unrivalled sea views; our wide collection of villas will definitely have something to offer you. We only allow quality villas which meet our specifications to be featured in our portfolio. We feature many properties that are neighbouring and built to the same or similar specifications, so extra-large groups who are looking to rent more than one property together can find a variety of options.

In order to ensure our valued guests can both relax and enjoy their holiday stress-free, we have put together a small information pack including any information guests may require on their holiday.


Fethiye Office: Babataşı, Cahit Gündüz st. No:46 Fethiye / Muğla

Kalkan Office: Kalkan, Şehitler st. No:53, 07960 Kaş/Antalya

Tel/WhatsApp: 0090 532 542 24 26

Email: [email protected]

The number for your caretaker can be supplied at check-in, please ask if you would like this, as this is different for each villa.


Police: 155

Fire: 110

Ambulance: 112

Coastguard: 158

Forest Fires: 177

Tourism Information: 170

For the local Jandarma please call +90 242 844 3005 (Kalkan Jandarma) or +90 252 612 1838 (Fethiye Jandarma)



Turkey's international phone code is +90, and needs to be entered at the start of all calls made to a Turkish phone number from foreign phones. 


For guest staying in Kalkan and Kaş the nearest hospital is Kaş Devlet Hastanesi (Kaş State Hospital). A pharmacy can be found in Kalkan centre, as well as a local doctor.

For guest staying in Fethiye and Göcek the nearest hospitals are Fethiye Devlet Hastanesi (Fethiye State Hospital) and Fethiye Esnaf Hastanesi. Plenty of pharmacies can be found scattered throughout Fethiye and Ovacık, as well as Göcek.

Please note over the weekends only certain pharmacies will be operating. A list of available pharmacies can be found by looking for the ‘’Nöbetci Eczane’’

(In case of any emergencies please go direct to your nearest hospital. Please also note you will be required to show proof of insurance in most cases)


Both in Kalkan and Fethiye centres you will find a main supermarket, where most goods can be found; the largest supermarket being Migros. Here you will be able to find basic goods, including tinned items as well as a small bakery and butcher section. Smaller shops will be scattered around the town, where basic goods can also be found.

In Kalkan, Migros can be found going up the road from Kalkan centre on the left hand side of the road, towards the D400. There is also a local butchers (Kesap) that can be found next to Yapı Kredi Bank. 

In Fethiye there a various Migros shops around. For guests staying in Çalış the nearest large Migros is located just off Yerguzler Cad. For guests staying in Ovacık and Hisarönü there is also a Migros located on the main road into Ovacık. You may want to check out the smaller shops also, where tinned goods and basic items such as milk, cheese and yogurts can be found. It is a best idea getting fresh meats/fish/chicken etc from larger supermarkets or specialised shops. 


Turkey is renowned for its local fruit and vegetable markets, as well as stalls that sell other goods throughout the summer period.

Kalkan and Kaş’ market day is on a Thursday.

Fethiye’s main market day is on a Tuesday, as well as this there is a further market on a  Friday (this tends to sell only fruit and vegetables). A further market day is on a Sunday (in Çalış).


The nearest airport to our villas is Dalaman International Airport. Located around 55km from Fethiye and 120km from Kalkan – this airport provides a fast and easy option for guests looking for a short travel time. After this, the second closest airport would be Antalya International airport at 220km from Kalkan and 210 km from Fethiye.


For Your Arrival:

Q. I haven't organised transfer from the airport to the villa, what are my options?

A. Transfer can be organised through us here at Baransel Villas, for an extra cost (depending on your arrival airport and the size of your party). You may want to look at our prices here: Alternatively, taxis can also be found at the airport, however please note these may be busy during the Summer and limited during the low season.

(It is always best to use pre-organised transfers or the taxis found at the aiprort, for insurance reasons. Please note that transfers that have not been been pre-organised may not be insured)

Q. What should I expect to find in the villa upon arrival?

A. We happily provide bathroom towels, bed sheets/pillow cases etc for your stay. However, washing detergents (both for dishes and clothes), soap/cleaning detergents, toilet rolls, salt/pepper/olive oil etc are not provided. For guests arriving late at night, we may provide a small welcome pack of basic food supplies (depending on the villa) – this can be requested at the time of booking in the notes section.

Q. Do I need to bring towels?

A. We provide bathroom towels in the villas, however we do not provide pool/beach towels. We kindly ask that guests do not take the bathroom towels outside of the villa.

Q. Do I need insurance when coming on holiday to Turkey?

A. Please make sure that all members of your party are insured when travelling to Turkey, medical bills can be expensive and are not provided/funded for British nationals. For guests bringing (prescripted) medicines from abroad, it may also be an idea to have your prescription with you.

Q. What time is check – in/ check – out?

A. Check-in time is at 15:00 and check out time is 10:00. For guests who want/need a later check out we can only ask the villa owners about this the day before you are expected to leave as this varies from villa to villa, and also depends on any guests who will be arriving the next day.

Q. Is there anywhere I can leave my luggage before checking in/out?

A. Luggage can be stored in our offices, if you are unable to enter the villa early or check out late.

Q. I have paid the full balance of the villa, can I go straight there or do I need to collect the keys from the office?

A. In most cases, and if your villa is ready for your arrival you will be allowed to go straight to the villa for check-in. We will need all guests’ passports beforehand, as part of the legal system here in Turkey we need to log all guests in. If you arrive earlier than 15.00, it may be that the villa is not yet ready and you may need to wait a little while before checking in.

Q. Is there a damage deposit for the villa and how much is it?

A. All of our villas have a minimum damage deposit of 200 euros. This is returned to you at check out, providing no damage has been found to the villa. The damage deposit needs to be paid in cash (whether it be Euros, Sterling, US Dollars or Turkish Lira).

Q. I have been asked to send a copy of all guests passports, who do I send these to?

A. All guests who will stay in the villa need to provide their passports (children included) as part of Turkey’s legal procedures. This is the same in hotels, villas and any other overnight accommodation. Passports can be sent via WhatsApp to 0090 532 542 2629 or email to [email protected]. If you do not want to send a photograph you will need to write out the information required (your full name, DOB, passport number and country of issue).

Q. When will the villas address and location be given to me?

A. Please ensure you have a valid WhatsApp number as most communication is sent here. A live location of the villa will be sent to your phone in order for you to find the villa for check-in. If you are arriving via a transfer (organised by yourselves) you will need to hand this information over to your transfer driver. For guests who have organised a transfer through us, this information will be passed straight over to your driver.

Whilst On Holiday:

Q. Is the tap water in Turkey safe to drink?

A. The tap water is generally considered safe to drink, however as a precaution to avoid any upset stomachs we recommend guests to drink bottled water. This is readily available in markets and restaurants.

Q. How much is acceptable to tip / Is it standard to tip in Turkey?

A. Leaving a 10-15% tip on top of your bill is an acceptable amount, and is generally expected in most tourist areas. However, is not obligatory. Rounding up the bill in taxis, hairdressers and beauty shops is also a nice gesture.

Q. My Villa has WiFi but I cannot connect, what should I do?

A. If you have previously connected using the password given, we suggest you turn the modem off and on a few times in order to reset the device. If a WiFi password was not supplied upon check-in you may contact your representative who shall respond accordingly.

Q. I am travelling during the month of Ramadan, is there anything I need to be aware of?

A. Ramadan, also known as a month of fasting for Muslims, involves abstaining from all food and drink during daylight hours. Ramadan moves forward 10 days every year, so if one year you come to Turkey during the month of Ramadan, the following year you may not. How this will affect your plans depends on where you are; however most restaurants and cafes located in tourist areas will remain open, and businesses will run as usual. Of course, visitors to slightly more rural or traditional areas will notice a difference; some shop keepers may close their shops to attend prayer and restaurants may only be open after daylight ends.

Q. Are we allowed to visit mosques and what rules do we need to follow?

A. Friday is prayer day in Turkey, which means that for guests who want to visit a mosque we would suggest doing so during the week. If you happen to be visiting a mosque on a Friday we recommend you try and avoid the busiest times of the day so as not to disrupt worshippers. Both men and women need to wear respectful and conservative clothing and avoid showing as much skin as possible. As well as this if worshippers are praying during your visit, it is much more respectful to pass behind them, rather than in front, so as to avoid disturbing them.

Q. Can I buy a local SIM card whilst on holiday?

A. You may want to buy a local SIM card, so as not to run up a bill with your own telephone. You can purcahse these from phone shops in Fethiye and Kalkan centres (with Turkcell and Vodafone being the most well known companies). In order to do this you will need to take your passport with you so they can see your date of entry stamp, from here they will be able to provide you with a pay as you go SIM card, and will normally help you to pay a fixed starting amount.

Q. Can I flush toilet paper down the toilets?

A. Whilst most new builds have wider pipers fitted, some of our older villas may not allow for toilet paper to be flushed. There should always be a bathroom bin provided just in case.

When Leaving the Villa:

Q. Where should I leave the keys on my check-out day?

A. The day before you check out you may want to contact your representative via WhatsApp who will be able to provide you with more accurate details for your check-out. It may be that the villa’s care-taker will come to personally collect the keys from you whilst they complete a final check of the villa for any damages. Alternatively, they may ask you to leave they keys somewhere safe if they are unable to come. (If they ask for the keys to be left somewhere please also send a photo of the location to your representative who will forward this onto the care-taker).

Q. How do I collect my damage deposit if I am due to check out early morning?

A. Please message us the day beforehand so that we can try and organise for the villa owner/care taker to bring the deposit back to you the evening before. You may also be asked to collect this from our office the evening before check out.

Q. I think I may have forgotten something upon check out, what should I do?

A. Please contact your representative or the care taker of your villa if you think you may have forgotten something. We will then try and find this item for you as soon as possible.


Hello – Merhaba

Goodbye – Görüşürüz (Pronounced Ger-rush-a-ruz)  / Güle güle

Thank you – Teşekkür ederim (Pronounced Te-shek-or ed-air-im)

Please – Lütfen (Pronounced loot-fen)

You may want to do a shop at the beginning of your holiday to get yourselves settled in. Whilst some things will be pretty obvious what you’re buying, just by looking at them, other might not be. Below is a list of items you may need to look at before buying.

Salt – Tuz

Sugar – Şeker (Pronounced shek-air)

Milk – Süt (this will most likely be long life milk and find on the shelves rather than in the fridges)

(There is a salted yogurt drink that will be found in the fridge section, called Ayran, try not to mix this up with milk)

Water - Su

Fish – Balık

Chicken – Tavuk

Beef – Dana Eti

Lamb – Kuzu Eti

Bread – Ekmek (this tends to be found in glass cupbards in local markets or in the larger markets there is a special bakery section). If you want it sliced they may also do this for you.


Start/Stop – Başla/Dur sometimes it may also write Açık/Kapalı (open/close)

Quick Wash – Hızlı Yıkama

Sensitive Wash – Hassas Yıkama

Timer – Zaman ayarla

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