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Short term deals

2 Night Deals in December 2023

As the Baransel Villas team, which has been working to make the holiday of your dreams live since 2006, we are with you in your villa and apart rental processes. Thanks to our services that we offer luxury holiday opportunities with Daily Rental Villas, you only have to enjoy your holiday. We are working for your happy holidays in Baransel Villas homes, which pay great attention to hygiene and cleaning conditions. There are many different alternatives for villa houses that you can rent through Baransel Villas with easy reservation methods on the days you specify.

All villa models offered with the assurance of BaranselVillas are decorated with top quality from start to finish. Our holiday villas, which have become the sole choice of all our guests, are equipped so that you can spend pleasant days in all seasons. We promise a holiday adventure that you will admire with villas that appeal to all tastes and preferences, such as villas with fireplaces, villas with underfloor heated pools, conservative villas.

In the short-term rental villa option, we list prices suitable for unforgettable holidays from 2 days to 6 days for the upcoming periods, including the current month. You can book the most exclusive villas today by taking advantage of the short-term opportunity villas with early reservation. Thanks to the facilities offered by our villas, you can have fun and enjoyable times without even having to go out.

You can experience great Holiday Villa holidays by choosing any of the Bodrum, Kusadasi, Fethiye, Kas, Kalkan and Marmaris regions for rental villa deals. If you want to rent a villa for the first time to experience the peace and joy of the Aegean region, you can create a holiday like your dreams by using the detailed filtering features. With our services that do not compromise on quality, in addition to your holiday, you can experience a short-term villa holiday with cleaning, food, guidance and caregiver services.

2 Nights Villa Rental

Rental prices for 2-night villa accommodation vary according to villa models and locations. It is very easy and effortless to take advantage of the privileges of Baransel Villas, which offers 24/7 service, for 2-night villas. Baransel Villas is just for you, with both an affordable holiday opportunity and reliable rental methods. With airport pick-up services, you can make your holiday more luxurious and comfortable. In addition to these, according to your request, we can undertake all your services as Baransel Villas during your 2-night holiday, and we can make you happy with food, cleaning and guidance services. Depending on the holiday region you choose, you can take a short break from your tiredness with the beauties of the sea and nature. As in all our villas, there are sheltered areas in our villas for your 2-day villa rental stays.

3 Nights Villa Rental

With 3-day villa rental, you can take advantage of various services such as jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, pool by catching more suitable opportunities than normal times. Baransel Villas, which lists the suitable opportunities for you in your 3-night rentals, also provides extra services that will make your holiday in the most comfortable way. Your pre-reservation process is completed quickly according to the entry and exit days you select in the calendar section of the reservation section for your 3-day holiday. Thanks to Baransel Villas, you can create an unforgettable 3-night holiday by choosing much more affordable opportunities beyond normal prices. You can have an idea by examining the comments of our customers who use our villas on our website. Baransel Villas is with you for your 3-day rental villa stays away from the noise of the city and the crowd.

4 Nights Villa Rental

With short-term opportunity villas, you can quickly complete your 4-night villa rental and reservation from the holiday location you have determined. You can access all the features of the villas in the information section of your 4 reservations you have selected through Baransel Villas. You can turn your holiday into a more enjoyable rest by using additional services according to your request. You can easily access furniture, white goods, baby seats, barbecue, internet connection and everything you may need in your 4-night villa, which is completely reserved for you. Thanks to our uninterrupted service, all your extra requests will be met by Baransel Villas. Experience the quality villa holiday options that we have promised for many years, and the villa holidays where all our customers leave satisfied, as soon as possible.

5 Nights Villa Rental

If you are planning a 5-night holiday in the decent regions of Antalya and Muğla, the short-term holiday opportunities of Baransel Villas are worth a try. Prepare for a dream holiday that will meet all your expectations with both the villa interior and the pool and garden furniture. In the holiday villas where you will have a very comfortable and pleasant time, you can also review the suggestions of places you can visit according to the region you will go to. Moreover, event recommendations have been specially prepared for Baransel Villas customers. Our villas with private pools are in a highly secure and isolated location. You can take a look at the service frameworks for the capacities, facilities and other details of our villas. By choosing Baransel Villas for 5-day villa rental, which we offer a satisfaction guarantee, you can catch the opportunities that are suitable for you without missing out. 

6 Nights Villa Rental

If you are considering a villa holiday for 7 days and 6 nights, you can take advantage of Baransel Villas' short-term opportunities. You can be informed about the developments in the fastest way by following Baransel Villas for holiday opportunities you will encounter in certain periods and in certain regions. Many items and services that we consider your comfort in the villa are offered to you. Hammam, jacuzzi, sauna, sheltered garden pool and much more are among the services waiting for Baransel Villas customers. By choosing us for your 6-day villa rental transactions, where you can get information and make reservations 7/27, you can enjoy both the magnificent view of nature and the sea, as well as a luxury holiday. We have no doubt that you will stay happily in our unique villas with their proximity to restaurants, markets, hospitals, beaches and transportation vehicles in the surrounding area and that you will always choose us.

Why Should I Prefer Baransel Villas' Opportunities?

Why Baransel Villas? to your question; With 100% reliable reservations, customer satisfaction-oriented service quality, unlimited service with private chefs, cleaners, caregivers and guides, we can answer you as a guarantee that we offer you a comfortable and quiet holiday with private villas in many different regions. Moreover, you can take advantage of early booking opportunities by taking advantage of the opportunities that suit you, and you can plan your holiday in advance. The beautiful districts of the Aegean and Baransel Villas are looking forward to welcoming you, our valued guests.

Opportunity Villas for Your Vacation

With Baransel Villas, you can make your reservations early today by choosing the suitable opportunities for your villa holiday in the beautiful districts of Muğla and Antalya. The designs of our villas, which can accommodate a wide range of guests from 2-person villa models to 14-person villa models, are also carefully prepared.

Pricing of our villas varies according to their distance from the city center, their features, villa capacity and pool accommodation. You can become a Baransel Villas customer by examining our villa models suitable for every budget and making your reservation for villas that meet all your criteria as soon as possible. By evaluating the activities that increase according to the holiday period, you can create both your trips and your holiday in line with our suggestions. As Baransel Villas, we offer our guests our recommendations such as historical excursions, water activities, safari and walking tours suitable for the region at certain times of the year in order to make your holidays more fun and exciting. 

Rental Villa Types

Our rental villa types are categorized under sub-headings according to their functions, locations and features. Conservative villas, villas with indoor pools, villas with sea view, villas that allow pets, villas located in the city, villas with pool heating, luxury villas, villas for large family groups, villas with children's pools,honeymoon villas, It is very easy to reach villas intertwined with nature, villas with economic accommodation and much more with Baransel Villas. Baransel Villas, the leading villa rental company that considers every detail for its customers' quality and luxury holiday, is just for you.

You can use reliable payment opportunities by arranging suitable opportunity villas according to your holiday calendar. With the comments made by thousands of satisfied Baransel Villas customers, you can easily find the holiday destination you are looking for and enjoy early booking. You can extend and repeat your holiday as much as you want with the wide holiday zone options of Baransel Villas, which works to expand its portfolio and provide you with more qualified services.

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