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Villa Linda


  • 4 Guests
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Private Pool
  •   Internet Connection
  • 4 Guests
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 12 Comment

Villa Linda - Ref. No:917211

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  • Highlighting Features
  • Heated Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Hamam, Cinema Room
  • Pool Dimensions Width : 3.5m Length: 13m Depth:1.5m

Villa Linda, situated in İslamlar, Kalkan is a villa with 2 bedrooms to sleep 4 guests. The ground floor of this villas has an open-plan kitchen and living room, hamam, sauna and indoor swimming pool. Whilst the upstairs houses 2 en-suite bedrooms, as well as a jacuzzi to enjoy. The indoor swimming pool in this villa can be heated free of charge between 1st Octobr and 30th April. The maximum temperature of this will be 25-27 degrees. 

The garden and outdoor area of this villa have been maximised for your enjoyment during the summer months. This area is also sheltered so that people from the outside cannot see in making Villa Anka an ideal destination for honeymoon and conservative couples and families.

Please note the Islamlar area of Kakan is around 10km from the town centre and so we reccommend guests hire a car to use for shopping and travelling- or alternatively use local taxi services which are reasonably priced. 

Note: There is a generator in place if there are any power cuts in our villa.

Note: There are Treadmills, Table Tennis, Foosball, Hammock in our villa.

Pool Floor Terrace: Sunbathing area, Private pool and Private garden

Details: 4-person table and chair, BBQ, 4 sun loungers, parasol, private swimming pool

Outside Pool Dimensions: Length: 13.00 m Width: 3.50 m Depth: 1.50 m

Indoor Pool Dimensions: Length: 4.50 m Width: 2.50 m Depth: 1.40 m 

Children's Pool Dimensions: Length: 2.50 m Width: 2.50 m Depth: 40 cm

Kitchen: Modern American Kitchen (Ground Floor)

Details: Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washing machine, Microwave oven, Oven, 4-stove, Electric water heater, 6-person dinner set, 4-person dining table, Pan, Pots, Cutlery, etc.

Living Room: Pool and Nature View (Ground Floor)

Details: There is a sofa set, satellite TV, air conditioning, WC, dining table for 4 people and an exit to the pool terrace.

1st Bedroom: Suite Family Bedroom, Pool and Nature View (1st Floor)

Details: Double bed, nightstand, air conditioning, wardrobe, baby bed, make-up table, bathroom, jacuzzi, TV and exit to balcony.

2nd Bedroom: Suite Young Bedroom, Pool and Nature View (1st Floor)

Details: 2 single beds (can be combined), air conditioning, wardrobe, make-up table, bathroom, jacuzzi and exit to balcony.

Note: The deposit fee for this villa is 200 Euros. The deposit amount will be refunded to the guest if no damage / damage is seen during the controls to be made at the exit of the villa.

Please note our outdoor pools will be closed between the 1st November - 30th April due to weather conditions. We thank you for your understanding.

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What’s Nearby?

Mini Market 2 km

Restaurant 3 km

Sea 11 km

Bus Stop 10 km

Hospital / Medical Center 1 km

Town Centre 10 km

Dalaman Airport 120 km

Antalya Airport 220 km


  • 4 Guests
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Private Pool
  •   Internet Connection
  •   Landscape View
  •   Pets Not Allowed!

  • Heated Pool
  • Secluded Pool
  • TV - Satellite
  • Air Conditioning
  • Marble Flooring
  • Parking Lot
  • Adults Bathroom
  • Jacuzzi
  • Children's Pool
  • Private Pool
  • Pool- Garden Caretaker
  • White Goods
  • BBQ
  • Fully Furnished
  • Internet Connection
  • Iron
  • Hair Dryer
  • Duplex
  • Garden
  • Balcony
  • Landscape View
  • Shower Cabin
  • Sauna
  • Hamam
  • Indoor Pool
  • Cinema Room
  • Baby Bed
  • Foosball
  • Table Tennis
  • Generator
Villa Linda Villa Linda Villa Linda, situated in İslamlar, Kalkan is a villa with 2 bedrooms to sleep 4 guests.
4.9 12

Comments (12)

4.9 / 5

Pricing 4.9

Service 5.0

Location 4.8

Transport 4.8

Pool Quality 4.9

Cleaning 4.9

Villa Linda
My First Villa Experience
4.7 / 5

I had some reservations as I had not experienced both the winter holiday and the villa holiday before. But from the day I started my vacation, I realized that these reservations were unnecessary. Although the weather was a little cold, the comfort and facilities of Villa Linda made us not feel this negativity. There is everything in the villa, everything has been thought of (everything without exception). Sauna, Turkish bath, indoor swimming pool, cinema room, jacuzzi, etc. are not used as a joke, all of them can be used actively. My advice to those who can afford it is to go when the weather is a little warmer. In this case, you can benefit from the outside garden and the pool. I would like to thank my Holiday Villa and Villa Manager Durmuş Ali, who contributed to my having a nice holiday.


I highly recommend the villa. It would be better to go in April - September.

Villa Linda
Highly recommended
5 / 5

Our 2nd Holiday in Villa Linda We had a winter holiday with our friends for 2 years in a row. Villa linda and villa phoenix being side by side makes it more comfortable for us to go with our friend pride. I would highly recommend it to those who want to go. Thank you very much to Durmus Ali for his interest. Of course, in my holiday villa.


Hassle-free villa

Villa Linda
We are here again in the second year :)
4.8 / 5

Ahmet + Tatilvillam employees, who stand in front of the permanent villa, especially Durmuş Ali, are doing a great job, and we realized again that we made the right decision by coming to the same villa again for the second year. Everything was perfectly fine, the weather was delicious even though it was October, and seeing them see you next year when leaving was a sign of their sincerity. There is more than what you see in the photos... Thank you for everything... see you next year :)


Definitely my recommendation, we will be there again next year. ..

Villa Linda
It was a very nice holiday
4.7 / 5

As a healthcare professional, I have spent every holiday in Kalkan since this epidemic started, thanks to, first of all, I thank them for their interest, because what I saw in the pictures, I saw exactly the same view when I went. I chose Villa Linda in September. Whatever he wanted, whatever we needed, they were available where we were, and when we had any problems, Durmuş Ali Bey, the owner of the villa, helped a lot and thank you very much from here. The disadvantage for us is that the electricity is cut in between (there is a generator, it starts in 1 second :)) we thought it a bit far in terms of location, but the fresh air and bird sounds we got, and the lush garden made us ignore them. The kitchen was very nice, the view of the rooms was beautiful, the cinema room is an important detail for families with children, also the bath sauna, the hot pool will be a nice detail for families with small babies like us. The presence of the caretaker makes you feel safe, in short, I am very happy that I chose it here and I would recommend it to everyone until the end, have a good holiday in advance...


definitely recommend I do

Villa Linda
4.7 / 5

Villa Linda is simply perfect, we chose it by looking at the pictures and we did not regret it. Every need has been considered. We had a wonderful holiday in every way. However, it is a bit far from the center in terms of location and there is a temperature difference of about 3 degrees between it and Kalkan. It would be useful for those who are going to take these issues into consideration. The only missing part of the villa is the indifference of Durmuş Ali, the villa manager. It is said very interested in other comments, but we did not see the same interest. Because we saw him for 2 minutes at the first entrance and 2 minutes at the exit.


You left nothing to recommend

Villa Linda
Linda for a quiet vacation
4.7 / 5

We have been coming to villa linda with my family for two years. We had some hesitations since we came in April this year, but all our shortcomings were quickly resolved thanks to Durmuş Ali. I attribute that we are the first guests to make the spicy one. From here, I would like to thank Durmuş Ali again.

Villa Linda
5 / 5

We rented a villa for the first time to have a holiday. When we saw Villa Linda in the pictures, we liked it very much. It turned out exactly the same in reality. We were very pleased. We thank Durmus Ali Bey for his interest and concern. He did not disappoint us either... --[<< #>]-- A great holiday

Villa Linda
5 / 5

The villa is as in the photos, there is more, there is no minus. Nature, silence, wonderful atmosphere, a place to take off the busyness of the year. Now is our 2nd day. It's warm even though it's winter. Everything is running smoothly, the indoor pool temperature is fine.. it's raining outside and we can enjoy the pool with my 4 year old son... Everything has been thought of, from the okey team to table tennis, everything is available (backgammon, playing cards, all equipment machines etc. etc..) There is even a prayer rug


My advice is... I can say that we fell in love with our 2nd day.

Villa Linda
I recommend
5 / 5

First of all, thank you VERY MUCH for professionally doing their work for my holiday villa. We would like to thank Durmuş Ali yede, one of the holiday villa team, who took care of us, for his interest. If you couldn't decide for Villa Linda, I think your decision should be Villa Linda. Fatihbey really made a perfect villa for families with children. You don't understand how the time passes in Villa Linda. We went with 2 groups of friends, we had a lot of fun because villa phoenix and villa linda were side by side. It's great to have a murder room, my holiday villa, thanks villa linda, thanks Durmus Ali & of course, the biggest thanks come to Fatihbe for making such a beautiful villa --[ <#>]-- It was a dream vacation

Villa Linda
As I wrote above, "I'm afraid if you attack while commenting, there will be no room for us..:) You can go with peace of mind....... .....
5 / 5

I'm afraid that if you attack while making comments, there will be no room for us, but let's give the right to its owner.... :)... Newly built ....The perfect place for the phrase "There Is More, There Is Nothing Missing" from the above mentioned ... Everything is a little better than perfect . .. Those of us who like to swim in the sea did not want to get away from Linda......Silence and Nature's voice.... We couldn't fit the activities to be done in one week...... I could barely get our children back home... There was still so much to do... We left satisfied with the interest of Durmuş Ali Bey, as close as a phone call.. - -[<#>]-- There's More, No Missing

Villa Linda
complete - everything is as it can be seen
5 / 5

What you see in the photos is more and more at your disposal. Durmuş Ali Bey's positive approach to your every request in any case makes one say "I'm glad we chose this villa" over and over, I had a perfect holiday with my children and my wife, everything is exactly as it should be. The villa is new, the quality of the material is really 10 out of 10.


we started looking for villas close to the year to let our friends rent them and enjoy a holiday on the same dates. I definitely recommend it.

Villa Linda
5 / 5

From the start of our holiday, we were impressed by the close interest and helpfulness of the villa manager, Turgut Bey. Everything we needed during our holiday was thought of exactly where and where. It is ideal for families with children. At first, I think it's worth it, even if you think we're a little far from the center. It offers a quiet and peaceful holiday in the autumn nature. The furniture and other items in the villa are of extremely high quality. Sauna, Turkish bath, indoor pool trio is terrific. I would definitely recommend.


We started to see when we can come back here before our vacation ends. If I just pass it along, it'll probably explain how pleased we are. I wish good luck to those who are already vacationing here.

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