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5 Places to Visit in the South of Turkey

Turkey has acted as the gateway between Europe and Asia for thousands of year; it is no wonder then that in 2019 Turkey welcomed a record 51.9 million visitors. Istanbul, the city where East meets West, welcomed 15 million of these visitors alone. But Turkey has many more places of interest available; take Cappadocia for an example, the location made famous for its hot air baloon rides and boutique cave hotels. Or, what about Ankara? The country’s capital that was once inhabited by the Ottomans. Here, we will take a look at what the South of Turkey has on offer in 2021.

  1. Kaş:

Kaş, once a small fishing village, is now a relatively popular town on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. A drive of just over 2 hours from Dalaman airport, the cobbled streets, lined with pink bougainvilleas make it a picure perfect location for the Summer months. Click here to visit Kas Holiday Villas

  1. Kekova:

Part of Kaş, but really deserving of its own post here in my list, is Kekova. During the 2nd century, an earthquake caused the ancient Lycian settlment in the city of Simena to be flooded with water, leaving only a few tombs peeking out the water. The sunken city can only be reached by water, and for those that like to add some adventure to their holiday, daily canoe trips are available in the Summer.

  1. Ölüdeniz:

Based in the Fethiye area of Southern Turkey, Ölüdeniz is famous for its cystal clear waters, even in the Winter. Literally translating to ‘’dead sea’’ it is popular among families who want to mix the quiet life up with some entertainment in the evenings. Perhaps, one of the other most well-known reasons people come to Ölüdeniz is to paraglide from Babadağ, a 1,969 metre high mountain. Possibly not for the faint hearted, however, well worth it for those now ever so important Instagram snaps. Click here to visit Oludeniz Holiday Villas

  1. Patara:

Patara is Turkey’s longest beach, stretched along 11 miles of coastline, it’s a wonder that it has remained unspoilt for all this time. With annual vists from the endagered loggerhead sea turtles, and ancient tombs scattered among the landscape, Patara has kept its charm that keep visitors coming back time and time again. Click here to visit Patara Holiday Villas

  1. Kabak:

An hour outside of Fethiye is Kabak Village; nestled away between the green trees and the turquoise sea. It is a tiny cove based in the South of Turkey, a small retreat for some locals who go there in the Summer months to relax. Because of this Kabak is popular among nature lovers, but now also younger people who go there to escape from the bustling city life they may lead back home.

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