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Turkish Bath

The rejuvenating experience of a 'Hammam' or Turkish bath is definitely worth a try, you will leave feeling lighter as you expel toxins from you body in the hot rooms and your skin will be extra smooth and ready for soaking up more sun. The hamam experience is a long standing tradition in Tukey and wherever you visit you will be able to find a selection of hamams to choose from, some are in hotels and others are independant spas. Read a step-by-step guide as to what to expect below:

Step 1: Undress

You will be handed a peştemal (and slippers) before being sent to change which can be wrapped around the lower part of the body for men and around the centre of the body for women. You may keep your swimwear on to enter the hamam but it is also acceptable for women to remove their tops. 

Step 2: Get wet and warm

On entering the hot room your hammam journey begins. Some centres may have separate saunas or steam rooms for this part of the experience or you may go directly into a large 'sıcaklık'- hammam room where the marble is heated around the edges and in the centre where the large 'göbek taşı' is found. After you have warmed up and started to sweat your skin is soft enough to begin the exfoliation treatment.

Step 3: 'Kese Köpük' Efoliation and foam wash

You will lie down on the heated göbek taşı and you attendant will begin scrubbing you with a special mit to help remove all the dead skin from your body. Contrary to popular belief this does not remove your tan not should it cause pain- if you have sensitive skin you should make the attendant aware before the treatment begins. Following the exfolation is the foam massage where you are covered in bubbles from traditional style soap and gently massaged. 

Step 4: Rinse off

You will now be doused in cool water until all of the foam is washed away. You may have a hair wash and quick head massage if you wish at this point, if you like a specific shampoo you can take this with you for the attendant to use. 

Step 5: Relax with Refreshments

You will now be guided out of the hot room to a lounging area where you can have some apple tea, or cold fruit juice and relax feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. 

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